Hog the Bounty Hunter!!

Roger and Tammy Faye!!

Tammy Faye the Hog

Tammy Faye the Hog

You probably have seen Hog The Bounty Hunter along the highway between the Mauna Lani and Hapuna Beach. I have often wondered what his story is so today I finally had the chance to check him out!

His real name is Roger Downing. He is from Mississippi. Roger is a really nice guy, very smart. Roger told me he is about to close on a place in Ocean View Estates, so in the meantime he has been camping out on this side of the island.

The pig is from Manoa Valley on Oahu. A hunter there shot it with a bow and arrow. He had it stuffed and now carries that pig where ever he goes. Today was funny because the wind was blowing its tail and it looked real! Be sure to stop by and meet Roger and talk story, Roger has many!!

Cynthia Sweeney of Big Island Weekly interviewed Roger. Her article is great!!!! Below is the link.

A Hog Day Afternoon

Hog The Bounty Hunter’s Website