Photography & Business Coaching

My motto “Be so good they have to work with you” but how do you get there?

There will be a lot of work required to get you to where you want to be.  Taking on a coach will prove to be the single best investment you can make in yourself or your business because it’s all about consistent results.  Early in my career I took it upon myself to fly two different photographers to Hawaii to coach me.  The investment proved to be priceless.

I am available on a broad array of topics that have to do with the business of photography.

Coaching/Mentoring Topics

Residential and Commercial Architectural and Interiors Photography

Critique and feedback on current work
Critique website
Lighting for interiors/exteriors (Speedlights, Strobes, Hot Lights)
Sunset and Twilight Photography
Attracting business/agents

Fine Art Photography

Astrophotography (Milky Way, Star Trails, etc), Light Painting, Time Lapse

Image Post Production

Software – Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, NIK Software, Star Trails Software
Hardware – computers, card readers
Color Correction: in camera, post processing and prints.

 Marketing and Social Networking

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flicker,, Smugmug, YouTube Vimeo, Pinterest, Houzz, Blogging etc and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 The Business of Photography

Contracts and Licensing
Insurance-Liability and photography equipment

Gear Consulting – Choosing the right gear for the task within a budget.

Coaching Rates

Online Critique* $350 (1 hour)
Online Critique* 6 Sessions $2000 (1 hour each session)
Online Critique* 12 Sessions $4000 (1 hour each session)

One on One on location workshop setting. Workshop fees based on needs and priced accordingly.

*Skype or phone call

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