On the Edge of Light at Waipio Valley

Stunning and remote Waipio Valley.

The place name means “Curved Water” and certainly it is water that created this valley, rivers eroding Kohala Mountain over the last 450,000 years, the ocean once filled the valley when the level was higher and in recent history both in 1946 and 1960 the valley was inundated by devastating tsunamis.

The valley is often referred to as the Valley of the Kings as it was the capital and permanent residence of many early Hawaiian aliʻi (kings).

Today almost 2000-foot valley walls surround this lush valley, home to around 50 people. Many waterfalls cascade down these valley walls including Hiilawe Falls, which is around 1500 feet high! The only way down is with a 4-wheel drive on the steepest road in the United States at a maximum grade of 45 degrees! Unless you feel like hiking!!!

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Sunny Afternoon at Waipio

Located along the Hamakua Coast on the northeast shore of the Big Island of Hawaii, the Waipiʻo Valley is the largest and most southern of the seven valleys on the windward side of the Kohala Mountains.  The Waipiʻo Valley is a mile wide at the coastline and almost six miles deep.  Along the coast is a beautiful black sand beach often used by motion picture production companies.

On both sides of the valley there are cliffs reaching almost 2000 feet with hundreds of cascading waterfalls, including one of Hawaii’s most celebrated waterfalls – Hiʻilawe.

Beautiful and friendly horses of Waipio Valley

Spent the afternoon last weekend down in Waipio Valley.  We came across this mother horse and her foal and fed them some bananas which the really loved!!!  Can you see the love in Momma’s eyes?