Award Winning Photographer Ethan Tweedie Featured on CNN

My image of Kilauea Volcano was featured as the  lead image in CNN Travel’s article on “10 of the World’s Most Photogenic Volcanoes”!

Here is the full article at CNN


Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea Volcano

Porsche and Perseids, Ethan Tweedie Photography Show

October 16, 2013 PRESS RELEASE

Harbor Gallery announces an exciting show with Big Island Photographer and Parker School Graduate Ethan Tweedie on Friday, November 1st, from 6 to 8 PM. Light pupus and refreshments will be served.

This special show is titled “Porsche and Perseids” and features a number of Ethan’s celestial masterpieces as well as some photos taken atop Mauna Kea this past July when Ethan joined Gallery Owner Gunner Mench in driving his 50 year old Porsche to the summit for sunset and the stars.

Ethan says this was among the best sunsets he has ever witnessed, and what happened that night was almost unbelievable! The 1963 Porsche will also be on display for the show, bearing its Mauna Kea Benchmark Badge on the rear grill.

The Perseid Meteor Showers happen every year in early August, and Ethan was invited by park rangers at Pu’ukohola to photograph the shower together with the Heiau, achieving mind boggling results after taking over 160 exposures of 30 seconds in a single night. More photos were taken along with Halemaumau’s eruption, capturing meteors, the moon, and ghostly surroundings, achieving a view that the naked eye cannot see in the dim light, but is captured brilliantly with his high quality Canon cameras and special equipment. Most of the prints are offered being printed on metal, with the most superb color rendition and crisp clarity available with today’s printing technology.

Harbor Gallery is located in Kawaihae, just north of the Kohala resorts and next to Café Pesto. The gallery is open daily from 11:30 until 8:30. Phone 808-882-1510 to reach Gunner & Elli Mench, or visit their website at


Big Island Lava Ocean Entry

6AM, 6:30AM and 7AM


What a morning!

After almost a year without lava entering the ocean, Kilauea ramped up her activity just in time for the 30th Anniversary of the current eruptive phase!!

My day started out at 1:15 AM in order to make it to Pohoiki Boat Ramp (Puna) by 4:30AM.  We all boarded the Lava Ocean Adventures tour boat and took the 45 minute boat ride out to the where the lava was entering the ocean.  It was great seeing all the stars and even the Southern Cross on the way, but most of us were pretty tentative on whether we were going to see lava or not as there is no way of knowing till you get there.

About a mile out from the site we could see the lava and lots of it!!  There were two distinct lava entries as we approached and Captain Shane Turpin slowed the boat down to creep.   We were still a good football field away and you can feel the radiant heat from the lava!  As we got closer it was still pitch dark and the photography wouldn’t be super good so I spent some time just in awe of the amazing spectacle before my eyes.  The first picture was from that time frame.

Captain Turpin kept the boat moving in between the two ocean entries and made sure both sides got equal amounts of viewing although I wish we could move side to side, but trust me one thing you don’t want to do is rock the boat!  As the light got brighter towards sunrise the photo ops got really good with the twilight sky and eventually the sun came up to reveal the scene in daylight!  The whole time out there you could see, smell and hear the lava as it hissed and sputtered into the water.  WOW!

If you are on the Big Island and there is lava entering the ocean this is a must see and do tour.