Good Friends and June Birthdays!

My friend Sabrina put together a gathering at her ranch up on Kohala Mountain to celebrate her birthday as well as 6 other June Birthdays including mine!! We met at her house then got into a caravan of 4 wheel drive vehicles and went up the mountain to the edge of the Ohia forest. We all hung out in the mist and sun and had a great time!!!

Thanks Sabrina!!! I can’t wait till next year!


Getting Ready for the Honoka’a Rodeo

I left my house not knowing where I was going to go take pictures when I noticed a ton of vehicles at the Parker Ranch Rodeo Arena. I decided to check and see what was going on!

All the riders where getting ready for the Memorial Day Weekend Rodeo out in Honoka’a. I saw one of my friends Kimo out there so I took a few pictues of him.



Grady Turns 3!!

Grady about to give a go at the piñata!

Chris at the helm of the piñata controls.

Nothing like a shirt full of candy after the piñata is broken to make a kid smile!