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Latest Luxury Real Estate Photoshoot


My team and I recently photographed Cottage 5 at the Kukio Golf and Beach Club, a private, residential equity club located adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel on the Kona-Kohala coast on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The cottages are some of my favorite residences to photograph here on the Big Island. Each Cottage I have photographed at Kukio boasts exposed timber framing giving a rustic yet elegant feeling. Cottage 5 consists of 3 detached pods or hales, two private master bedroom hales and one main hale with kitchen and living room fronting the pool/spa and Anchialine fish pond. Cottage 5 incorporates all the elements needed for that Hawaiian indoor-outdoor living experience.

Cottage 5’s location within Kukio is in a prime location as it is discreetly tucked away on the Fish Ponds yet a very short walking distance to the main dining pavilion, beach bar fitness facility, concierge, ocean sports, beach and swimming pools. Cottage 5 comes with its own Golf Cart parking garage so you are never more than 2 minutes away from getting around the Club or playing the two golf courses, Tom Fazio’s 18 hole course and the 10 hole course.

To see more images of this property at Kukio Golf and Beach Club please got to listing agent Harold Clarke’s website Luxury Big Island.

Ethan Tweedie Photography specializes in Luxury Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, Interiors Photography, Luxury Vacation Rental Photography. If you have a property that needs high-end photography please give me a call or contact me here.


Interior Design Photography by Ethan Tweedie

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot for highly acclaimed designer Eric Cohler of NYC. Eric is known for his distinguishing ability to fuse classical and contemporary elements, and is dubbed “The Mixmaster.”  This private home at Hualalai Resort here on the Big Island is a classic example of his ability to mix traditional design elements in a tropical setting.

If you are interested in having me photograph one of your projects for interior design, luxury real estate, architectural or luxury vacation rental please contact me for a quote.

Warmest Aloha,


Living at Hualalai Cover Shot

My image is featured on the cover of the latest Living at Hualalai!  If you are down at the resort or staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai pick up a copy!



“Moonbow Waimea” Featured in Hana Hou Magazine


“Moonbow Waimea” by Ethan Tweedie Photography featured in Hana Hou Magazine

If you are flying Hawaiian Airlines in the next two months check out the article on Moonbows featuring my image “Moonbow Waimea ” in Hana Hou Magazine’s August/September 2014 Issue on page 30!!   (The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines)

Prints of the image are available at Wishard Gallery in Waimea and Harbor Gallery in Kawaihae or call me for custom orders!

To read more about capturing this amazing sight read my blog post!!!





















Check out the article on Moonbows featuring my image “Waimea Moonbow ” in Hana Hou Magazine’s August/September 2014 Issue on page 30!!   (The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines)

Prints of the image are available at Wishard Gallery in Waimea and Harbor Gallery in Kawaihae.

To read more about capturing this amazing sight read my blog post!!!



Interior Design Photography

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful private residence at the Hualalai Resort at Historic Ka’upulehu for Hualalai Realty.  The exceptional interior of this 5 bedroom home was designed by Willman Interiors based here in my hometown of Waimea (Kamuela) on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Gina Willman’s team is adept at creating living spaces that reflect what the homeowner visualizes, but it also has a warm and inviting appeal that anyone could appreciate.

If you are looking for photography for an interior design project, luxury vacation rental, luxury real estate or resort please contact me for a quote.






2013 Photography For Real Estate’s Photographer of the Year

In a contest amongst my peers, I was honored to find out today that I was the winner of the 2013 Photography For Real Estate’s Photographer of the Year!  The yearly winner is chosen amongst the winners of the monthly contests and voted on by a jury of peers.

To win the PFRE contest is something I am very proud of, originally I had gone to the Photography For Real Estate website/blog to learn more and improve my skills,  and to win is really exciting!

Thank you to all of the photographers who have helped me along the way, thank you to Larry Lohrman for providing the PFRE blog, it is such an excellent way to share information and learn.

Mahalo Nui Loa,



7 Reasons Why High End Photography Saves You Money

Recently, I was hired to photograph a very nice property at the Mauna Kea Beach Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii that had been photographed already by another photographer. Once Concierge Auctions was hired to sell the home via auction they needed to take on the extra expense of rephotographing the home because the images were  poor quality and did not live up to the standards of their marketing team etc. Concierge Auctions knows the power of high quality images, it is what sets them apart from other companies even though the costs are seemingly higher upfront.  Concierge Auctions’ cutting edge marketing and technology garners the highest average sales price in the industry having sold $2 Billion dollars of real estate in the $2.5 to $20 Million range.

After searching the Internet for another photographer they found my website and thus hired me to photograph the Mauna Kea Resort property.

Here are 7 Reasons Why High End Photography Saves You Money:

1. “Silent” costs, potential customers may not list their property with you if the imagery used in your prior listings are poor. Take a look at Concierge Auctions Website!  The images they use to showcase the properties they represent is second to none!

Here is the Mauna Kea Beach Resort property I photographed

2. Potential buyers will ignore poorly photographed properties. In recent months my images have led to several offers on properties sight unseen. Why allow a qualified buyer to miss your listing?

3. Having to reshoot a home because the photography was not of high enough quality for luxury real estate publications. Having to reshoot a home cost more in marketing dollars and time, both of which are limited, and in this case included contact with Mauna Kea Resort for permission to photograph the golf course, tennis courts and world famous Mauna Kea Beach, restaging of the home and coordination with the house manager.

4. The photographer does not have General Liability insurance and something breaks during a shoot. One agent told me about a $100,000 Italian hand blow glass decoration that a photographer broke during a photo shoot. I have up to $2,000,000 in General Liability insurance. Why take that risk?

5. Efficiency and getting the job done in a timely matter or making promised deadlines. What good are your images if you do not get them in time for printing of the marketing materials for your listing and posting on MLS? Concierge Auctions needed the images in 48 hours. My assistant and I photographed the home for 13 hours and provided the images on time.  Payment was taken via a major credit card and the high resolution images were provided via the internet.

6. Having contracts and other paperwork in place so everyone is in agreement about the execution of the imagery including types of licenses, agreed upon shoot list, photography checklist etc.  Businesses and individuals these days have slightly lower budgets for marketing etc, my aim is to produce the best images backed by the best pricing and service available. Knowing up front the different types of image usage such as a full buyout, exclusive vs. non exclusive etc. can potentially save the client money and all of these things can be spelled out and negotiated prior to contracting.

7. Lower the costs of photography by suggesting and putting together shared contracts for multiple parties. Read My Blog post on sharing costs

If you are looking for a professional photographer to provide excellent luxury real estate/architectural resort/hotel and vacation rental photography that will set you apart from your competitors please give me a call. I would be happy to provide a site visit and estimate.

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If you live outside the Hawaiian Islands you can find other professional photographers by searching this site.



Quality Photography Reflects Your Business

Quality Photography Makes A Difference

Quality photography is very important as it represents your company’s values and how the marketplace perceives your business. There will always be a photographer who will be willing to capture images at a lower price, however bargains can quickly turn into a nightmare if the images do not meet the expectations of your company and the project needs to be re photographed costing time and more money. Hiring a professional from the beginning is a great way to save headaches and allow you to position your company in the best light.

Share The Costs With Others

One way to benefit from quality photography and still keep your budget in check is to share the cost with other interested parties. If you are a contractor you may want to contact the architect, interior designer, landscape architects, consultants, product manufacturers and even the home owner or business owner. The home above was photographed initially for the architect and after speaking with him regarding the licensing of the images it turned out that there was several other parties involved who would be interested in receiving images. The final image costs were shared among three parties thus saving money and time for everyone. A win win as I like to say!

If you are looking for photography for a new project whether you are an architect, contractor, home or business owner give me a call to discuss your project. Upon initial consultation I can do an on site visit and provide you with an estimate.

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If you live outside the Hawaiian Islands you can find other professional photographers by searching this site.



Mele Kalikimaka 2012!

Hualalai Resort Luxury Property, Hale Ku Mana

Hale Ku Mana is a private residence at the Hualalai Resort here on the Big Island and is currently listed at $16,500,000.  The home has over 10,000 square feet of high-end living space on 1.3 acres and the home features 5 bedrooms and 5 and half baths.  It features a stone tiled salt water infinity edge pool, stunning ocean/sunset views and is surrounded on three sides by the members only Keolu Golf Course.

Photographing this house would be a real challenge as it is such a beautiful place and one could spend a week getting images of this resort-sized property.  In total, I spent eleven hours capturing this property, from sunset on the first night then returning at 4:45 AM the next morning to capture the colors of the sunrise, I took over 2000 images!

If you are in need of photography for a luxury real estate listing, vacation rental or resort please give me a call.  I would be happy to meet with you for a site inspection and discuss your needs for high quality images.




House of a Lifetime

I was asked to photograph the most prestigous property at the Four Seasons Hualalai. It is an amazing house with stunning views of the ocean, golf course and beach!

Here is a image tour of the property.




Kiholo Bay

Sunrise looking over at Maui.

Sunrise light and the water from a heart on the shore of Kiholo

Sunset my first night at Kiholo

Sunset my second night.  I like the way the ocean is spraying in the foreground.

After photographing the sunset I fired up my grill and had some grass fed big island beef.  So ono!

The Big Dipper pointed the way to the North Star or Polaris.  I took a very long exposure at 6 and half minutes.

Here you can see the Milky Way going up vertically.  The lights in the foreground look like lava flows but it is Waikoloa Village and Resort.

Sunrise on day two. The color lasted about 2 minutes.  It was time for coffee after shooting.

Kiholo Bay (Kiholo means fish hook and probably comes from the shape of the bay which resembles a wooden fish hook used to catch large fish) is a beautiful and historic place.  It is located within the Ahupua’a (Land Division) of Pu’u Wa’awa’a on the West side of the island of Hawaii.

Kiholo has been residence of many chiefs and a primary fishing village including Chief Kamanawa and his twin brother Kame‘eiamoku.  Both chiefs were very powerful and were said to be “uncles” of Kamehameha I. It is these two chiefs whom appear on the official shield of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Kamanawa and Kame‘eiamoku would be closely bound with the history of the Hawaiian Islands during the period of the rise of Kamehameha I.  Presumably, whoever had control over the leeward ports of the Island of Hawai‘i would play an important part in the history of the Islands during this early historical period. As it was, that role fell to Kamehameha, Kamanawa, Kame‘eiamoku, and Ke’eaumoku.

As time went on Kamehameha’s power grew and he decided to have the fishponds restored at Kiholo.  It was this source of food derived from the fishponds that helped Kamehameha support his vast fleet of canoes/warriors on their conquest of the rest of the Hawaiian Islands and finally uniting the islands under one rule by King Kamehameha the Great.

The fishponds were said to have encompassed a diameter of 2 miles with walls 6 feet high above the water with 20-foot thick walls.   One pond south of Kiholo was threatened and then destroyed by the 1801 lava flow from Hualalai, but the flow stopped short of Kiholo.  Then in 1859 Mauna Loa erupted from some 33 miles away and lava traveled that distance in 8 days and the flow completely destroyed the large fishpond, which created a new coastline.

Since the time of the destruction of the fishponds the area has had very little development as much of the land under private ownership.  Only a few residences exist to this day, thus it remains a very peaceful place.

After spending the prior few weeks intensely preparing for my Art Show, I felt that I needed some Rest and Relaxation.  The weather was looking really good and it was during the week and thus it would be un-crowded so I decided to spend some time camping down at Kiholo.   I have been to Kiholo many times, but had never gone camping so I was really excited to get down there.

My time down there was rejuvenating and I had a wonderful time swimming in the ocean, watching the Green Sea Turtles, the sunsets and sunrises, the kite surfers and just enjoyed looking at the myriad of stars at night under a moonless sky.  I did, however, get the feeling that many people had been here before me, I could feel their presence or spirit, nothing sinister or evil just all encompassing and it gave me a real sense of respect for this place.

I hope you enjoy.


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