Good Morning Good Coffee!

Ran into my friend David (The owner of Hawaii White Mountain Coffee Co.) at the Parker School Farmers Market yesterday. I picked up a bag of his Javaloha Peaberry and thought I would start my day off with a cup of his coffee. This morning it is especially good as the cool misty rains of Waimea have returned!  Thanks David for an excellent cup of coffee!!

A little bit about Peaberry coffee, it is the rarest of rare. Only about 6% of all harvested beans are peaberries and the single bean results in a very concentrated flavor. Peaberries form when one of the two halves of the seed develops, thus all the nutrients go into the remaining seed. Because the remaining half gets all of the nutrients the density of the been is more complex thus giving the coffee a wonderful robust flavor. (Here is a diagram of a normal two halved bean)

If you would like to try this coffee and others go to David’s website for locations

You can also be a fan on Facebook

Kilauea Summit Eruption 5.10.11

With just a little light left the sky had some blue hues and the gas cloud was a nice purple color.  I shot this at ISO 800 at f/2.8 for 20 seconds with a Canon 1D Mark IV at 7:37PM HST


God was out with his paintbrush last night!!

I was moved last night to grab my camera gear and go find some light.  It was around 4:30PM when the light just seemed nice and there was cool high clouds.  In my mind I was drawn to this one area in Waimea and I was going to climb a cinder cone that I had never been up.  When I got there it didn’t feel right so I turned around and headed down the Upper road towards Kona (190).  I pulled into the Waimea Airport and saw our beloved Kohala Mountain lit up like a painting.  The second photograph.  This image was taken with my Canon 1D Mark IV with a 70-200mm lens and was compiled by taking a total of 10 images and then stitched together.  The final image was over 2 gigabytes of data!!!  I can see one of my friend’s cars in the image at the soccer field.  The image on here is way too small to see that, but on the big screen it is really cool!!

After taking the Kohala shot I headed towards wet Waimea for some Mauna Kea shots but when I got there it was too cloudy so I turned around and headed back to town.  I took the new cut off road behind Parker Ranch Center and pulled off the road.  I waited for the sun to set and then all the color just disappeared.   Some little “voice” said just wait and be patient.  So I sat in my car.  I checked my email and after several minutes I looked up and there she was, Mauna Kea was surrounded by high clouds that were glowing!  This shot was taken with my Canon 1Ds Mark III and was two images stitched together.

I hope you enjoy!!  Let me know what you think!!!!!